The new Levitate wallets use the same roaming folder as the old Levitate wallets. The old and new wallet will conflict and break if you try to run the old and the new wallet together on the same system.

Therefor it is very important you take these steps first before installing a new wallet:

  1. make a back-up of your old Levitate wallet
  2. send an email stating the amount of old LVT you want to swap for new LVT to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  3. wait for our emailreply that gives you a personal LVT address where you have to send your old LVT to
  4. send your old LVT to be swapped for new LVT to the walletaddress you received from us by email
  5. once your send transaction has 1 confirmation, close the old LVT wallet
  6. if you use Windows: rename the Levitate folder in your Roaming folder to oldLevitate. If you use Linux or RPI, rename .levitate to oldlevitate
  7. download the new Levitate wallet below
  8. install the new wallet, copy a new walletaddress from your new wallet and send this new walletaddress in an emailreply to the email you received in step 3 above
  9. you receive the new LVT in your new wallet


Below are the NEW Levitate Wallets