How can I get Levitate Coins?

You can buy and trade LVT at the Exchange by clicking here.

We also conduct promotions and distribute Levitate coins for free. Join The Levitate Lounge, keep an eye on our Bitcointalk page and the LVT Promotions! and don't forget to follow us on Twitter!

If you have special mining hardware, it is also possible to mine LVT. You can visit the Levitate Mining Pool by clicking here. If you need more information on pool mining, read along below.


How to mine LVT in a mining pool?

If you like to mine Levitate, you will need special mining hardware called "ASIC" miners to make it worthwhile. Currently the mining hashrate is high and mining with a CPU or GPU would be a waste of energy.


Where do I put the levitate.conf file?

First, download, install and start your wallet at least one time and close it. Open the levitate.conf file that is included in the .zip file with a basic text editor and change the username and password as you wish.

Next, in Windows, click Start or go to the Windows 8 Search charm, type %appdata% , and select the Roaming folder. There you will find the Levitate folder in which you put the levitate.conf file.

In Linux, you put the levitate.conf file in the folder where you find the levitated file.

In iOS go to Finder, click Menu Go and select option Go to folder and there you type: ~/Library/Application Support/Levitate/ and then you click Go. Place the file in this folder.


What can I do with Levitate coins?

For now, just get as many coins as you can and rack&stack them safely.