Claim your Levitate Class Benefits
Please submit this form to claim your Levitate Class Benefits. Important note: you can submit for Class Benefits only once. If we find out someone is trying to submit multiple times, he or she will be excluded from Levitate Class Benefits completely. If your LVT balance grows in time and you become eligible for higher Class Benefits, contact us by email for an upgrade.

We require your Country of Residence to inform our partners who ship physical products as part of the Levitate Class Benefits.
Fill out your Bitcointalk Username and make sure you posted at least once with it in:
Fill out your Discord Username and make sure you posted at least once with it in:
Please copy your LVT Wallet Address here that holds the treshold amount of LVT for the Class Benefits you select in the next field. Please check your balance by using the Levitate Block Explorer on as it is used to determine your actual LVT Balance on the Wallet Address you specify here. Also, there will be a check if the LVT Address is really yours as we will ask you to send a specific amount of LVT (i.e. 0.07429253 LVT) to us to confirm you are the owner of this LVT Address.
Select your Class Benefits based on the amount of LVT you hold in the LVT Wallet Address you entered above. The larger the amount of LVT, the bigger the Benefits.